A Community Approach to Assisting Students in Distress.

Engage your entire campus community in the campaign for overall student wellness with MentalHealthEdu, a brief, online program designed to help raise awareness of student mental health issues on colleges campuses. Upon completion, administrators, faculty, and staff will have the knowledge they need to identify and refer distressed students to appropriate campus resources.

The Facts About Student Mental Health

During a 12-month period:
42% of college students felt so depressed at times that it was difficult to function*
9% had seriously considered suicide*

MentalHealthEdu helps campus personnel understand their unique opportunity to assist students in distress, using an approach that fits their individual comfort level. The program's community-based approach is designed to:

  • Reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues
  • Support student retention
  • Promote early intervention
  • Supplement and create visibility for other campus mental health services

And, United Educators, the leading risk liability insurance provider, recommends MentalHealthEdu as a strategy for reducing institutional risk.

Program Content

First, participants learn to interpret the signs of distress commonly exhibited by students. Next, the program provides specific suggestions for reaching out to students and presents realistic exercises that allow participants to evaluate the impact of taking (or not taking) certain steps. MentalHealthEdu also includes:

  • Frequent causes of student distress
  • Impact of mental health issues on students and the campus community
  • Brief guidelines about confidentiality and student privacy

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  1. *American College Health Association. American College Health Association - National College Health Assessment: Reference Group Executive Summary Fall 2006. Baltimore, MD: American College Health Association; 2007.