AlcoholEdu for College


Leveraging AlcoholEdu Throughout the Academic Year: AlcoholEdu provides a comprehensive, year-round array of prevention resources that can be tailored to meet the priorities and challenges of each partner institution. Throughout the year, our staff works with each partner institution to maximize the impact of the program, the data, and the insights that are generated from the data in order to support campus-specific prevention goals and strategies.

I. Planning and Preparation

In anticipation of the new academic year; we work with you to prepare for the roll-out of AlcoholEdu to your students.

II. Introducing AlcoholEdu to the Student Body

To reduce administrative and staff work during program implementation, AlcoholEdu includes 24/7 techincal support, a reconcilliation tool, and "booster" content.


III. Ensuring Program Success

As your students engage in the course, we work with you to maximize completion rates, leverage student engagement opportunities, and distill insights from the data.

IV. Comprehensive Data Analysis and Support

AlcoholEdu’s student engagement tools allow you to identify leaders within your first-year student population before they even set foot on campus. As your students begin to take Part I of the course, you have “live” access to data on the types of alcohol-free activities that are most popular among your incoming first-year students.