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There are many ways to partner with EverFi to begin tackling the challenge of high-risk drinking on your campus.


EverFi is committed to strengthening the field of alcohol prevention in higher education. Our goal is to provide institutional leaders and their students with the information and tools they need to develop well-informed, cost-effective strategies for reducing alcohol-related risk and preventing harm.

The EverFi Coalition

If your campus is poised to embrace a systems approach for achieving breakthrough progress in alcohol prevention, The EverFi Coalition offers a comprehensive set of research and advisory services to support your efforts, including best practice reports, on-campus briefings, expert consultations, and professional development. learn more

AlcoholEdu for College

If your campus is ready to take the single most effective step for reducing the harms associated with high-risk drinking and capturing critical data-AlcoholEdu for College provides an evidence-based online alcohol education program with demonstrated efficacy when administered at a population level. learn more

College Alc

If your campus seeks to educate students on the risks of alcohol use but is constrained by a limited budget, College Alc provides a basic online alcohol education program for all first-year students.
learn more

Biennial Review Compliance Service

Our Biennial Review Service entails a comprehensive assessment of campus AOD prevention efforts along several important dimensions. Following this analysis, campuses receive an Action Plan identifying areas of strategic priority for improvement. learn more

AlcoholEdu for Sanctions

AlcoholEdu for Sanctions is an online course designed specifically to help students who have violated alcohol policies make safer and healthier choices - and avoid experiencing problems again. learn more

Other Programs