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AlcoholEdu® for High School Media Competition

2009-2010 WINNERS

"Through careful planning, setting of props, and designing the lanes to take, the video was a success in capturing the happiness that can be felt without alcohol. As our acclaimed "bad teen" is brought around to new people and new things, the burdens are lifted off of him with the help of others, giving a strong symbolism that can't be beat."

-Stillwater High School

First Place

First Place: Jameson Martin, Sarah Robitaille, Caroline Matula, Sara Buck,
Dale Mason, Ryan Wicheiens, Mikayla Moore, and Sarahann Mistretta, of Stillwater High School, Stillwater, NY. Students were supported by their teacher, Mark Borden.

Outside The Classroom was impressed by the unique video editing and use of music that made making healthy decisions around alcohol use seem “cool.” It was undeniable how much effort was put into this project!

View their submission by clicking on the links below. *

segment 1, segment 2, segment 3

Runner Up

Jenna Singleton, Wil Thompson, Cliff Powell, Joel Putnam, Garett Kelley, Ana Thomas, and Alyssa Moore, of Walhalla High School, Walhalla, SC. Students were supported by their teacher, Kim Singleton.

Walhalla depicted the many benefits of staying away from alcohol. Outside The Classroom was impressed with their clear message and added humor.

view the segment *

*download quicktime for free to view the video segments.

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