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United Educators, the leading risk liability insurance provider, and Outside The Classroom are collaborating to increase the use of alcohol abuse prevention programs among UE member schools. Understanding the impact of alcohol on education, UE is committed to focusing their membership on effective prevention strategies aimed at reducing the alcohol risk.
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What is the basis for United Educator's concern about alcohol abuse in high schools, colleges, and universities?

An internal analysis of UE claims revealed that student claims involving alcohol on average cost 25 percent more than claims not involving alcohol. This data coupled with the human tragedy often involved suggests that high schools, colleges, and universities should develop comprehensive prevention programs that target alcohol-related risks at their institution. UE strongly believes that education is a key component of any prevention program.

What does this mean for United Educator members?

UE members will receive a 15% discount off the cost of the AlcoholEdu for either K12 schools or higher education. Read the Frequently Asked Questions or visit the UE website for additional information.

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