AlcoholEdu® for Youth Sanctions


YS Blackouts

Science-Based Content

AlcoholEdu for Youth Sanctions helps court-involved youth offenders think differently about drinking and provides a solid foundation for safer and healthier decisions. Comprised of three, 30-minute sessions, the course features:

Alcohol the Drug: Focuses on alcohol's effects on the body and on the impairments produced by various levels of a person's blood alcohol concentration (BAC). 

YS Short-term

Effects on Mind and Body: Investigates how alcohol affects the developing teenage brain, and addresses blackouts, hangovers, and the deadly combination of drinking and driving. 

Making Healthy Decisions: Discusses the factors that influence decisions about drinking - like family and friends - as well as strategies a person can use when facing decisions where drinking is involved.

Interactive exercises are interwoven throughout the course to reinforce learning. The course concludes with a Final Exam to help measure your court clients' knowledge gains and comprehension.YS SignsYS Alcohol and Brain