AlcoholEdu® for Youth Sanctions

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Developed in conjunction with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), AlcoholEdu for Youth Sanctions gives court administrators a new tool to use with alcohol offenders. The course helps non-college students who have violated alcohol laws make safer and healthier decisions about drinking, reducing dropout rates and preventing further alcohol-related incidents.MADD

AlcoholEdu for Youth Sanctions is an evidence-based Web-based course that incorporates proven intervention techniques with essential science-based alcohol education.

There is no cost to a court system for utilizing AlcoholEdu for Youth Sanctions - instead, your court clients may purchase the course directly from our secure Web site. At the end of the course, your court clients will receive proof of completion, including their Final Exam grade. view course

Easy to Administer

As a court administrator, you'll find AlcoholEdu for Youth Sanctions easy to use and manage. When asking a court client to take the course, he or she will purchase the program through our secure Website or from you directly. Your clients can access the program from any Internet-connected computer using your courts unique Login ID. At the conclusion of the program, your court will receive an e-mail proof of completion, including their Final Exam grade.

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