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United Educators and Outside The Classroom Announce Partnership to Provide Alcohol Risk Management Services


CHEVY CHASE, MD - October 27, 2009
- United Educators Insurance (UE), a Reciprocal Risk Retention Group serving educational institutions, and Outside The Classroom a national leader in alcohol prevention for secondary and higher education, today announced a commitment to collaborate to increase the use of alcohol abuse prevention programs among UE member institutions. Outside The Classroom’s flagship educational programs, AlcoholEdu for College and AlchoholEdu for High School, will be offered at a discounted rate to help implement alcohol prevention programs more broadly on college and high school campuses.

"At UE, we see the tragedy that results from alcohol abuse in educational settings in the form of hazing, assaults, serious falls, and fatalities. Alcohol issues are major risks for educational institutions and students --and costly ones as alcohol-related claims tend to be more expensive than others," said Janice Abraham, CEO of UE. "It’s vital to do all we can to prevent alcohol-related incidents from occurring, which is why alcohol prevention is a new strategic focus for us. Our work with Outside The Classroom is a major component of that strategy."

An internal analysis of UE claims revealed that student claims involving alcohol on average cost 25 percent more than claims not involving alcohol. This data coupled with the human tragedy often involved suggests that schools, colleges, and universities should develop comprehensive prevention programs that target alcohol-related risks at their institution. UE strongly believes that education is a key component of any prevention program.

After careful evaluation of alcohol education programs, UE determined that Outside The Classroom’s AlcoholEdu program is "best of breed." Under the collaboration, UE will tap Outside The Classroom’s thought leadership and extensive research to help support and guide its 1,160 members on this key issue. UE is also adding AlcoholEdu to its Risk Management Premium Credit program, which allows members to earn points toward a credit on their renewal premium by participating in select programs and services.

"United Educators is a leader in education risk management, which distinguishes the company from other insurers. They are truly committed to helping their members identify and prevent the losses that are of greatest concern to educational institutions," said Brandon Busteed, Founder and CEO of Outside The Classroom. "Our work with United Educators provides unique opportunities to increase collaboration among risk management and student affairs activities."

About United Educators
United Educators is a licensed insurance company owned and governed by more than 1,160 member colleges, universities, independent schools, public school districts, public school insurance pools, and related organizations throughout the United States. The company’s members range from small, private schools to multi-campus public universities.

As "Education's Own Insurance Company," UE understands education's unique risks and liability needs better than any other insurer. UE is committed to the single goal of providing its members with a high-quality, specialized alternative to commercial insurance.

About Outside The Classroom
For nearly a decade, Outside The Classroom has been committed to strengthening the field of alcohol prevention by providing institutional leaders and their students with the information needed to develop well-informed, cost-effective strategies for reducing alcohol-related risk and preventing harm. Today, the organization's online educational programs, AlcoholEdu® for College and AlcoholEdu® for High School, are used on hundreds of campuses nationwide and have become a critical building block for addressing high-risk drinking among America’s youth. In 2008, Outside The Classroom launched The Alcohol Prevention Coalition to take on the larger scope of the work - providing institution-wide solutions to the key challenges threatening effective alcohol prevention. All of Outside The Classroom's programs are developed under the leadership of national prevention expert William DeJong, PhD.