EverFi Merger Announcement



Will this merger affect any of the services that Outside The Classroom
provides to its partners?

Not at all. Outside The Classroom will continue to deliver a high level of service across all our solutions, including AlcoholEdu, GreekLifeEdu, CollegeAlc, and The Alcohol Prevention Coalition. We remain deeply committed to the alcohol issue -- and to helping your institution reduce the negative consequences associated with high-risk drinking. As a partner, you will also continue to have unlimited access to our team of internal experts.

Will Outside The Classroom keep its name?

Yes. Outside The Classroom will retain its name, but moving forward, we will also be known as “An EverFi Company.”

EverFi is based in Washington, DC. Are you moving?

No. Our offices will remain here in Needham, MA, and our Founder, Brandon Busteed, will be heading up the Higher Education division of EverFi.

Why did you choose to merge with EverFi?

Quite simply, EverFi shares our deep commitment to helping young adults develop critical life skills that allow them to achieve their full potential. We have always been passionate about addressing issues that extend beyond high-risk drinking, and the merger with EverFi will enable both organizations to expand our reach.

What are some of EverFi’s current programs?

EverFi is the leading education technology platform to teach students critical skills, including financial literacy, student loan management, and digital literacy. The company is already powering a national movement in 50 states that enables students to learn using the latest technology, including rich media, high-definition video, diagrams and avatars. EverFi’s current products include The EverFi Financial Literacy Platform, Buttonwood for Student Loan Management, and the Ignition Digital Literacy Platform. Each month, more than 200 new K-12 schools and colleges are using EverFi’s programs. To learn more, visit www.everfi.com.

What exactly is "financial literacy"?

EverFi’s financial literacy programs provide students with the skills to help them face key financial decisions in their lives, both now and post-college. Topics include saving and investing, understanding a credit score, credit cards and managing debt, managing loans to finanance higher education, investing and how the stock exchange works, and more.