Supporting Today's Students
with Alcohol-Free Options 

Breaking News

The Wall Street Journal reports that alcohol-free social options are gaining momentum on colleges campuses.

USA Today highlights Outside The Classroom trend data on the increasing numbers of students who choose not to drink.


Outside The Classroom is excited by the recent media attention given to the issue of college alcohol prevention, particularly the positive trends around the increasing number of incoming students who choose not to drink, and stories of campuses' success in offering alcohol-free social activities to support these students.

Let's keep the momentum going. To take advantage of this unique opportunity to shift campus culture, we recommend the following:

  • Learn more about other campuses' success in using alcohol-free options, and strategies for overcoming common challenges. Download the report (PDF)
  • Discover which alcohol-free activities rank highest among college freshmen, according to national survey data. View the results
  • Find out how your campus is doing with regard to its prevention efforts by taking The Campus Diagnostic, a 5-minute online survey:
  • Learn how your campus can adopt a new framwork for achieving breakthrough progress in alcohol prevention. View the webinar
AlcoholEdu Partners:
  • Leverage your AlcoholEdu data to promote the positive trends on your campus. This national media attention presents a great opportunity to share your specific campus data and highlight the positive work you are doing. Download a press template to get you started.
  • Examine your Student Engagement data to see which alcohol-free activities rank highest among your student body, and access a roster of students who have volunteered or organize or participate in alcohol-free social events.