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Tools and Resources for Responding to the Alcohol and Energy Drink Issue

With the growing use of combined alcohol and energy drinks and the increased media attention to this issue following several related hospitalizations in recent weeks, a number of institutions have asked Outside The Classroom for assistance in addressing this challenge. In response, we have developed resources and guidelines for campus prevention professionals to take a proactive stance to reduce the dangers of combined alcohol and energy drinks.

News Update: FDA Weighs In on Alcoholic Energy Drinks Read the news release

alcohol and energy drinks resources


Resource Guide:
Responding to the Alcohol and Energy Drink Issue

Download the resource guide

This documents highlights the latest research on the consumption of alcohol with energy drinks and outlines steps you can take to protect your students.


Webinar: Alcoholic Energy Drinks Consumption, Risk-Taking and Consequences

View the webinar

Download slides from the webinar

Download FAQ on alcohol and energy drinks