Outside The Classroom Media Competition

The 2009-2010 Media Competition is now closed. Check back soon for the winning entries!


Submission Deadline

Submissions must be received no later than Friday, April 9, 2010!

Students wishing to compete in the blog or video blog (vlog) category should submit a minimum of 5 entries (either in blog or vlog format) describing the role and perceptions of alcohol on college campuses.


Each of your 5 blog entries should consist of 300 – 500 words.  If possible, try to have the entries span a significant amount of time (2-4 weeks).


Each of your 3-5 vlog entries should be 1-3 minutes long. If possible, try to have the entries span a significant amount of time (2-4 weeks).

Not sure what to write/talk about?  Consider the following ideas:

  1. What you/others think about the effect of drinking (or dangerous drinking practices) on the student experience.  Specifically, the effect on student engagement (student participation in clubs, community service, activities on/off campus, etc.), academics and study habits, a “party school image”, or social issues, such as “fitting in” and dating/relationships on campus.   
  2. What you/others think about campus alcohol policies and the efforts to educate students and enforce those policies.  Do students know your campus policies?  Do students support current campus policies?  Why or why not? 
  3. Conduct campus interviews or investigative reports and discuss your reactions. Interview different people on college campuses about the role of alcohol and write/talk about your reactions.  You could also go to different kinds of social gatherings (both campus-sponsored and non-campus sponsored), or spend a Saturday night at the campus health center and report on your findings or observations.

Blog and Video Submission Guidlines

Be sure to follow our submission guidlines before you send us your work. learn more