The Presidential Leadership Award


Each Presidential Leadership Award nomination packet must include the following:

  1. Completed cover sheet: Nomination Packet Cover Sheet 
  2. A letter of support: A one-page letter from a community representative. This letter could be from a local official (such as a community organization leader, local law enforcement, policymaker, etc.) or other member of the larger community.
  3. An Abstract: 250 words or less highlighting the key components of the application.
  4. A narrative of no more than ten pages that includes the following information:
    1. Nominee's name, title, and number of years with the institution..
    2. Rationale for the nomination. Refer to the Evaluation Criteria. Please be as specific as possible, including demonstrated evidence of success where appropriate. A nominee does not need to meet all criteria.
  5. OPTIONAL: Up to 2 attachments of supporting documentation may be included (biennial reports, grant reports, published articles, pictures, communication materials, etc.).

Nomination Deadline

All nominations must be received
by September 1, 2010.

Completed nomination packets should be submitted one of two ways:

Option 1: Email nomination packets, including supporting documents to If you have questions regarding how to submit any of the required documents, including supporting documents, electronically, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Option 2: Submit a hard copy of the completed nomination packet to:

Presidential Leadership Award
c/o Outside The Classroom
250 First Avenue, Suite 201
Needham, MA 02494

If you have any questions regarding the Presidential Leadership Award, please contact Jennifer Sykes at