Why have we focused on the misuse of alcohol?

We are often asked, “Why take on an issue as unpopular and seemingly impossible to change as college student drinking?” 

Our answer, quite simply, is this:  the future of our nation depends upon it.

In recent decades, there has been no greater “black eye” for the United States higher education system than high-risk drinking on college campuses.  It has jeopardized our nation’s status as the mecca of quality higher education.  It hampers our ability to compete globally and prepare this generation of students to become tomorrow’s leaders.  Alcohol misuse among college students doesn’t just put students at risk, but greatly threatens the ability of institutions of higher education to achieve their organizational objectives:

High-Risk Drinking Impacts Institution-Level Goals
EnrollmentAcademic ReputationStudent Engagement
High Risk Drinking
retentionCost ManagementBrand Value