Our Partners

AlcoholEdu is the most widely used alcohol prevention program in higher education. Assisting more than 500 campuses in all 50 states, it has quickly become the standard. Campuses that implement AlcoholEdu typically do so for all their incoming first-year students as part of a primary, population-level prevention effort. It remains the only program specifically designed for ALL students - whether they are frequent heavy drinkers, light to moderate drinkers, or abstainers.

Whether they are colleges, Greek organizations, high schools, or courts, AlcoholEdu partners are leading the way. If you'd like to join them,
we're ready to be your partner.

AlcoholEdu Partners:

  • Are institutions that are committed to tackling the issue of high-risk drinking.
  • Do many other things, along with AlcoholEdu, as part of a comprehensive, sustained initiative.
  • Are more frequently in the news for their positive efforts related to this issue, rather than making the news because of negative problems on campus.
  • Include the majority of the 100 top-ranked schools in the US News & World Report.1 They are both leaders in higher education and in alcohol prevention.
  • Appreciate the important differences between primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention.
  • Understand the "prevention paradox." This isn't just about addressing high-risk drinkers; it's also about empowering non-drinkers and helping reduce the risk of moderate drinkers, who actually contribute to the majority of negative consequences on campus.2
  • Are the most successful in the country in reducing the negative consequences of alcohol on their campuses.

1 According to U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Colleges 2006 Rankings of National Universities.

2 Toben F. Nelson, M.S., Elissa R. Weitzman, Sc.D., M.Sc., "College student binge drinking and the 'prevention paradox': Implications for prevention and harm reduction." Harvard School of Public Health. Journal of Drug Education. 2004;34(3):247-266.