Our Alliances

EverFi has formed relationships with leading academic and prevention-based organizations.

United Educators

United Educators Insurance, a Reciprocal Risk Retention Group, is a licensed insurance company owned and governed by more than 1,160 member colleges, universities, independent schools, public school districts, public school insurance pools, and related organizations throughout the United States. Their members range from small, private schools to multi-campus public universities.


United Educators is Rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best., a worldwide insurance-rating and information agency. Its members are committed to reducing losses through implementation of innovative risk management programs on their campuses. United Educators has formally recommended AlcoholEdu for College, AlcoholEdu for High School, and MentalHealthEdu as strategies for reducing institutional risk.

UE members will receive a 15% discount off the cost of the AlcoholEdu for either K12 schools or higher education. Also, an institution’s implementation of AlcoholEdu is now a qualifying activity for UE’s Risk Management Premium Credit. Read the Frequently Asked Questions or visit the UE website for additional information.

Student Voice

StudentVoice is the leader in providing innovative web-based technology,  assessment resources, and expert consultation to colleges and universities across North America. Student VoiceStudentVoice provides the means to organize assessment activities, collect data, benchmark with peer campuses, and report outcomes in meaningful ways. Through the utilization of the StudentVoice assessment platform, colleges and universities are able to measure student learning, enhance programs and services, and ensure student success.

National Association of Student Personnel Administrators


EverFi continues to lead the field in developing innovative approaches to alcohol prevention. AlcoholEdu's population-level approach has repeatedly shown success by creating a viral effect that encourages positive behavior change at a campus-level."

-Kevin Kruger, Associate Executive Director, NASPA

The National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), is a leading national association for college and university student affairs administrators. With over 8,000 individual members and more than 1,175 member campuses, NASPA has become the principal voice for NASPAstudent affairs administration, policy and practice. Since its inception in 1918, NASPA has been an invaluable resource for professional development opportunities and information on current issues affecting campus policies and students' needs. NASPA helps senior student affairs officers and administrators, student affairs professionals, faculty, and other educators enhance student learning and development by promoting quality and high expectations, providing advocacy for students, encouraging diversity, and excelling in research and publication.

NASPA has recommended Population-Level Prevention® through the use of AlcoholEdu® for College.