About Us

EverFi, Inc. is steadfast in our endeavor to strengthen the field of alcohol prevention. Our flagship online alcohol prevention course, AlcoholEdu®, has proven itself the leader in this cause for over a decade. EverFi provides institutional leaders and their students with the information and tools they need to develop well-informed, cost-effective strategies for reducing alcohol-related risk and preventing harm. Through our world-class expertise, tradition of innovation, and comprehensive approach, we offer unparalleled effectiveness in changing behavior and ensuring that prevention dollars are well spent. Each year, nearly 40% of new college freshmen across the United States take AlcoholEdu. With more than 3 million graduates, it is one of the largest online courses in the world. It is the only college-based intervention proven to show lasting reductions in binge drinking and alcohol-related harms, such as blackouts, injuries, and sexual assaults.


In 1999, Brandon Busteed was in the unique position of serving on the Duke University Board of Trustees as a Young Trustee. A recent graduate and former Class President, Brandon saw the issue of alcohol from the student perspective all the way to the board – and realized not only how big the problem was but also how complex it was ... read more

In April 2011, the founders of AlcoholEdu®, Outside the Classroom, merged with EverFi to become the leading education technology platform company to teach, assess, and certify students in these critical life skills. EverFi’s other learning platforms cover such critical topics as Financial Literacy, Student Loan Management, Digital Literacy, Cyberbullying, Sexual Assault Awareness, and additional product areas to be announced in 2011. Our courses will be in over 3500 colleges, universities, and high schools in the 2011-2012 academic year.